Alfa Omega TV’s Annual Mission Report - 2020

Our Bible verse, as media ministries here in Romania, from 1994, is: “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit” (Zecharia 4:6, NIV).

Right from the beginning, this has been our motto and we can firmly say that everything we did was possible thanks to God, Who led us step by step. We saw people’s lives being changed through our TV shows, and we witnessed them receiving answers to problems they were dealing with, being healed, saved and restored.

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2019 - AOTV Ministry Report

In June 2019, we celebrated our 25th anniversary! God used stages and milestones to assess our faithfulness and perseverance in serving through media. We started by translating & distributing programs to secular Romanian TV stations and on tape. Next, we began producing our own programs. We were pioneers in Romanian digital media, media, publishing and follow-up, and then we launched Alfa Omega TV, our 24-hour satellite TV network. From small beginnings to a multi-faced media ministry ! Our ministry arose by and is sustained through prayer, and God uses it to prepare His Bride.

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2018 - AOTV Ministry Report

2018 in review

Founded in 1994, Alfa Omega was born and continued in prayer and God’s favor. The original calling was to restore Christian values in a post-communist society. But, in time, other assignments were added: extending God’s Kingdom, discipling a nation, equipping the Church for the Second Coming and for greater impact in the Romanian society.

The new season we enter brings new challenges: the need for a multimedia approach as we create content, reaching specific age groups or social categories, blending classical TV with new media tools.

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2015 - AOTV Ministry Report

2015 - IN REVIEW

While serving God in Romania since 1994, we’ve entered the 10th year of 24/7 broadcast with our Alfa Omega TV satellite channel. Alongside the growing impact of traditional TV, in 2015 we pushed for the diversification of media channels making a joint impact on viewers. Most notably there were the digital media tools, followed by the printed Alfa Omega TV Magazine. We’ve also improved our ministry component, with live shows with prayer, counseling, follow-up materials and networking with churches. We are grateful to God and to all our partners for supporting us in 2015!

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2013 - AOTV Ministry Report

2013 in review

Looking back at 2013, we are thankful to God for helping us continue doing missions through media in our nation, during a difficult year. We were not alone in this - many viewers and international partners stood beside us in reaching Romanians from all over the world. Thank you for your support so far! Please continue to partner with us in the coming years.

In 2014, Alfa Omega TV celebrates 20 years of ministry and 8 years of TV broadcasting.

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Alfa Omega TV Romania - Open House - Meet the team - summer 2019

We say welcome everyone here in front of the Alfa Omega TV media center. Today we want to welcome you to a visit together with me to this building, actually not just the building, but the departments and the people who work here at Alfa Omega TV, people that you dont normally see, that work behind the scenes on the projects that Alfa Omega TV supports and promotes.

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2017 - AOTV Ministry Report

2017 in review

In 2017, our context in Romania was complex, our society divided, with many protests against corruption and for integrity. The Romanian Church was largely silent, retreating behind its walls about vital topics, but it has tremendous potential. The number of evangelical believers in Romania equals that in 15 neighboring countries combined. But this spiritual giant is still asleep. We are called to be an active part in transforming Romania using multi-media. To motivate the Church to engage all areas of society, to live in integrity and authenticity. And to reach out ourselves with the Good News of the Kingdom, as we enter more Romanian homes than ever before.

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2014 - AOTV Ministry Report

2014 in review

Looking back at 2014, we are thankful for completing a transitional year. We already see 2015 as marking a new season of ministry, but many seeds were planted last year.

2014 brought unprecedented growth, yet we have also faced new challenges, as we navigate uncharted waters in media, technologically and spiritually. At the same time, we are positioned in an increasingly complex geopolitical context, affecting our region.

We are thankful to God for helping us continue doing ministry through media in S-E Europe, and to all our partners that stood beside us during 20 years of activity.

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2012 - Shining God's light in the darkness

There are still millions of Romanians who need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2012, through Alfa Omega TV channels, new media tools and our publishing house, we continued to bring the Word of God to Romanians around the world.

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Alfa Omega Media Center - the story of our building & studios - Tudor & Mirela Petan

This building, Alfa Omega Media Center, was birthed not by our abilities, even though we sacrificed on our part, not through our strength, though we used our intellectual capacity, relational capacities, but it was done by the Spirit of the Lord. We believe this. Little by little, we saw how the hand of God intervened in raising up this building.

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2016 - AOTV Ministry Report

2016 in review

After 22 years of serving God in the Romanian Christian media, 2016 was a time of new beginnings for Alfa Omega media ministry: a new logo, the 10-year anniversary of TV broadcast, launching new TV shows and planning others for the next season, extending content distribution on more media channels. Alfa Omega is becoming a platform for promoting the Kingdom of God, an agent of unity for the Church, a pool of resources for evangelism & discipleship. A prophetic voice for the times we live in. We thank God for those who support us, they are part of God’s plan for Romania.

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Alfa Omega TV - 20 years anniversary - June 1994-2014


After the founding of Alfa Omega TV, in 1994, for many years God asked us to do simple things: translating programs, selling video cassettes, providing Christian programs to local commercial television networks from Romania. We are still doing these activities, but on a different level. In 2000 we began producing our own TV programs, our flaghsip program The Way, the Truth and the Life was first broadcast live on a local station from Timișoara, and then distributed to other networks in various cities of Romania. God opened doors for sending programs to TV stations with national coverage and through satellite, and initiated new media pioneering projects.

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